01 February, 2013


Hello there and welcome to my blog.

First things first. I am a newly graduated electrician from Denmark, even with highest honors and a fine little medal to show for it, with a flair for game development in C++ with the key words open source and cross platform in mind (though only x86, x86-64, Linux and Windows pre-8 for the moment). I also have some technical background to back up my development, as I am a "technical" high school graduate (HTX) and have completed almost 3 semesters of a BSc in Computer Science from Aarhus University before switching to electrician.
Originally, I wanted to work in the game development industry, but since we only have few medium/large game studios here in Denmark (and therefore much competition in that industry), that idea was shot down over time. For those interested, DK is housing IO Interactive (every Hitman, Kane and Lynch 1+2, Freedom Fighters), Unity - Game Engine and was home to the now former Deadline Games (Blackout, Total Overdose). As a funny side note, DK is also home to the inventor of C++; Bjarne Stroustrup.

I intend to use this blog to share my passion for game development, and programming in general, with you. Unfortunately, right now I have nothing to show for my about 15 years worth of programming, but I plan to turn that around with this blog.
My programming interests primarily lie in low-level game engine support systems, focusing on component-based and data-driven design and optimization in general.

Over the years, I have acquired much inspiration and many ideas/solutions from GameDev.net and always received several constructive answers to any question, so I encourage anyone with a flair for game development to visit the site. Many professional, experienced programmers use GD.net too, so valuable knowledge is easily accessible within these forums.

Programming aside, I have always been very fond of dance and techno, and for the past few years I have been enjoying the harder house music with dutch origins, named hardstyle, for both programming and physical exercising. Especially Headhunterz and his great hardstyle compilations, Hard With Style, of which Episode #01 is clearly my favorite. HWS quickly got me acquainted with many new artists, which it still does with each new episode. I encourage anyone with a flair for house music to check out hardstyle and decide for yourself if it is your kind of music, because I would have loved to discover it earlier in life.